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ALL BETS ON ME is a self-help book, and journal that articulates the account of a young man’s life who grew up in the city of New Orleans with a vision and a drive to achieve the “American Dream.” Motivated to support his family after several failed entrepreneurial attempts, this college drop out pulled himself up by the bootstraps and created his own lane. Larry Morrow went from losing it all in the casino because of a detrimental affinity with gambling to winning big with the casino by partnering and producing some of hottest productions in the city with the likes of: Diddy, Drake, Floyd Mayweather, Lil Wayne, Mary J. Blige, Chris Brown, Snoop Dogg and more.


At the age of 26, the young mogul has become a Real Estate Developer, Restaurant Owner, Author, Philanthropist, and the CEO of one of America’s most respected event promotion conglomerates. The up and coming businessman once got a rush from the risks and rewards of gambling, but now he fulfills that same thrill through playing the odds with strategic business ventures.


This narrative highlights the true value in building solid relationships through business and real-life experiences. In the pursuit of success, life will present pivotal moments that require strategic and intentional relationship building; ALL BETS ON ME prepares the reader to aggressively maximize those moments and translate an ordinary relationship into a lucrative one.


More importantly, this publication delivers a vital message to the reader -In the game of life, every day is a gamble and even when the odds are stacked against you, roll the dice, but always make the best bet -bet it all on you.